The Holistic Chef Academy

12 years of chef experience right from your computer. Learn allergy free cooking from professional chef, Andrea Sprague, so you can love the food you eat and maintain a healthier lifestyle! 



In these courses you will learn the foundational tools and techniques for turning your favorite meals into allergy free versions.  In each course you will gain an understanding of:

  • The role the allergen ingredient plays in traditional dishes so you can better understand how to replace it
  • Real life cooking demos to show you how your dishes may change as you adapt them to be allergen free
  • Cooking tips and techniques from a professional chef
  • Additional resources for where to find more recipes
  • Reviews of allergy free products out in the market today so you know where to spend your money


After being diagnosed with food allergies, Andrea discovered the healing power that food could have on both her health and her life. She then left her corporate job to go to culinary school so that she could help others eat better and feel better too. Today, Andrea has over 12 years of experience as a Health Supportive Chef & Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, and she continues to passionately pursue her mission of healing people through food.


Full of recipes that have been used by Andrea for years, so she knows they work. The cooking courses each contain live cooking demos so you can see them in action and how they might be different from a traditional version. 


Each course is full of tips and techniques that people like you have asked for. When a food allergy is new or you are just learning how to make changes to your diet, it can be a little overwhelming. You will be able to take what you learn and use it immediately to create delicious meals for your family. 


Living with food allergies and dietary restrictions doesn't have to be a struggle. These courses are designed to shorten the learning curve and give you all the resources you need to get started. 

Are You Ready to Learn from the Best?

Are you recently diagnosed with a food allergy and not sure how to cook for yourself now? Or does someone in your family have a dietary restriction and you are overwhelmed by how to help them AND still get everyone else in the house fed. If you want to create amazing and delicious allergy free meals that you and your family will love, click below and get started.


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